RED Ray Pro, new Scarlet 2/3″ specification

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RED on Monday provided detailed information on its new products which is going to be released soon. They are the Ray Pro, Redmote, Redcine-X and new lenses. The engineering team is working full time to provide a new layout to the manufacturing division to make the production of the new products faster.

The development of the upcoming Ray Pro player has been moved up the priority of the consumer variant. The pricing has not been disclosed yet. This device is capable of decoding any type of RAW file with resolutions of 5K to 4k files. The system is also able to handle 12 channels of 24 bit audio.

The users are able to distribute their videos into four 1080 quadrants through a single HDMI port. There is also a touch screen on the front panel through which you can operate the UI controlling playback. There are additional slots and connectors for connecting other devices such as USB, FireWire and Compact Flash. The Scarlet camera promises 1080p video recording and the system can be changed entirely with EPIC while you can use the same gamma and light features.

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