RoyalTek reveals Pocket Size Projector

Posted by Stefan on December 29th, 2009 in High Definition, Portable Device | No Comments


The new pico projector RPJ 2000 has been revealed by the RoyalTek. This is just a demo released prior to the official upcoming releases in the year of 2010. The pico projector marks the onset of the official release of the five miniature projectors that are to be released in the forthcoming year. This projector is a miniature with high definition capabilities to project upon a 64 inch screen. The RPJ 2000 is powered by LED which has the capability to last for 20,000 hours. The impressive power packed projector makes it a precious new pocket size treasure that anyone may wait to possess.

A VGA port supports the perfect connectivity one may require to. The necessary drivers are provided along with the pico projector by the RoyalTek. The drivers provide the provision to adjust the screen accordingly to the projector to ensure the best viewing opportunities.

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