Samsung Comeback t559 Phone

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Samsung Comeback t559 Phone is the latest 3 G phone available in the market from Samsung, the Korea based consumer electronics multinational company who is into consumer electronics manufacturing and global leader. This mobile phone is compatible with T Mobile’s Network for 3G access, there is also GPS enabled in this mobile through which the user can access TeleNav service. There is 2 Mega pixel camera available in the mobile, there is support for micro SD card slot through which the user can add external memory to the phone. The maximum memory to which the user can extend the memory is 16 GB. There is also access to the Internet and email connectivity.

There is a browser support also available in the mobile phone, which is full HTML compatible. There is 5.5 hours of talk time duration provided by the mobile phone and the standby time of this mobile is 288 hours. This mobile phone has dual screens, one of the screen can provide resolution of 240 X 400 pixels which is best suited for web browsing and Emailing, this is an internal display. There is also an external display available which provides 128 X 128 pixels provided by this mobile this is basically used for attending calls, checking the signal strength, messaging and battery life.

Samsung Comeback t559 Phone comes with 14 day trial GPS available to the user, after the trial if the user wants to continue then the user can buy the same. The user can use this mobile as a camcorder too, the video resolution offered by this mobile during video recording is 320 X 240 pixels. This has playback support for MP3, AAC+ and AAC for audio and the video playback supported is for H.264, H.263, 3GPP and MPEG4. There is FM radio also available in this mobile phone, the version of the Bluetooth supported by this mobile is 2.0. This has MMS, SMS capabilities and the user can log into Instant messaging service via mobile. The total number of contacts that the user can store is 1000. There is a special mode called Airplane mode available in this mobile, which allows the user to listen to music when the cellular is not ON. This helps the user to hear to songs while traveling in air craft. There are other features like calender, tasks, alarm, calculator, converter, timer, world clock and notes available in this mobile. The 3 G support available in this mobile allows the user to make video calls along with voice calls. The bandwidth provided by the 3 G network, allows the user to browse faster and download ring tones, wallpapers, themes and applications from the Internet. The QWERTY keyboard provides faster content typing.

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