Samsung Contour SCH-R250 Review

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The Samsung contour is one of the many cellular products from Samsung. This piece of technology comes loaded with tones of features that will make the experience exiting and worthwhile. The following will act as a guide live if you are looking forward to having one and still, maybe convince you if the idea of owning one was never in your mind.
With the outlook, it has a large, dial pad that has easy-to-press buttons with a smooth body and voice commands. This cell phone is recommended for the lovers of basic cellular phones who want nothing more than just a cell phone.

The Samsung Contour SCH-R250, by all measures and standards is a basic phone. It is simple but still stylish, fit for anyone who wants the basics of a phone. Still on the positive note, it comes with MetroPCS which brings in a handful of applications to bring life to the phone. These include instant messaging, driving directions and e-mailing. If you are planning on owning one of these, it will cost you not more than $50 per piece.

However, on a rather low note, the low resolution of its VGA camera and screen, together with the slow WAP browser which is quite slow as compared to other phones, kind of lets it down a bit. Still on the same note, the battery life is also non-reliable.

Samsung Contour SCH-R250 Design
Though “sophistication” might not describe the contour, it surely has a nice decent look and its carmine and black mattle body gives it an outstanding appearance. The contour is a flip phone and comes with a square head that rounds away as you head down to the bottom. It smooth silky plastic casing gives you a smooth feeling in your hands and slides easily into your pocket. It has a 1-inch by 1-inch CSTN external colored screen that incorporates the date, reception, time, battery life and data speed and also alerts you for incoming messages.

In measurement, the contour is 3.8 inches in height and 1.9 inches in width. It is also 0.7 inches thick. It weighs 3.8 ounces which is actually right for a phone that size. Although the build quality is just the usual one you will find with other makes, the general outlook can be described as solid. Still, it is easy to flip open and comes with a sturdy hinge.

The internal display is 2-inches and can support 262,000 colors with quality brightness. You can adjust all the features of the screen including the clock format, dialing font sizes, themes, backlight time span and brightness. You also have the navigation arrays below the screen that consists of two soft keys and a keypad below it with soft workable keys.

Samsung Contour SCH-R250 Conclusion

The Samsung Contour SCH is unique, simple and stylish for anyone who is looking for a decent phone. Check it out.

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