Samsung Craft SCH-R900

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Samsung Craft SCH-R900 Mobile is one of the few LTE 4G enabled phones available in the market at the time of writing. The Samsung Craft SCH-R900 has 32 GB expandable memory , High Definition video playback capability and a decent AMOLED touch screen display.

Amoled Display stands for Active matrix (AM) OLED display. The Amoled display stack cathode, organic, and anode layers all three above the substrate – that contains circuitry. In Amoled display pixels are activated directly. The circuit in the sustrate delivers voltage to the cathode and anode energising the the middle organic layer.

The rate of the on off display of the AMOLED picexs is thrice the motion piture films making the dislays continuous and fluid. resolution of the screen is 400x 800 and it incorporates the capacitive touchscreen.

Samsung Craft SCH-R900 incorporates a 3.2 Megapixel camera that can capture Video at VGA resolution ( 640 x 480) at 15 fps.

The internet browsing is supported by Samsung Craft SCH-R900. It also has the Built in support for Facebook and twitter.

Mechanically Samsung Craft SCH-R900 measures 4.48 x 2.21 x 0.6, and weighs, 3.74 oz. It incorporates full QWERTY keyboard for easy typing.

Samsung Craft SCH-R900 was launched by MetroPCS late September 2010 in Las Vegas and Dallas.

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