Samsung HMX Full HD Camcorders Boast WiFi Connectivity

Posted by Stefan on January 7th, 2010 in Digital Cameras | No Comments


Samsung has finally launched three full HD camcorders in the S Series namely Samsung HMX-S10, HMX-S15 and HMX-S16. These camcorders are known to be the highest performing camcorders in their category and also as the first HD camcorder to have an integrated connectivity between Wi-Fi and DLNA.

All three camcorders are featured with Victoria engine processor having BSI CMOS imaging sensors, Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan-HD lenses which are optically stable to offer up to 18x optical zoom and a 3.5” touchscreen LCD display having a 3 dimensional GUI.


The camcorder uses SD/SDHC memory cards for storing data and also has built in SSD units to support expansion of memory. It also offers features like support for H.264 compression, high def time lapse recording, storyboard printing functionality and super slow motion at different resolutions.

The camcorders allow the users to directly share the recorded content with others without any effort and without using any wires or cables. These S-series camcorders provide a whole new different experience of video recording.  However the rates of these camcorders are not declared yet and hopeful to be out by spring.

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