Samsung HTC5500XAA Home theater System Review

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Samsung HTC5500XAA Home theater System Review

The Samsung HTC5500XAA Review is being presented for the benefit of those who have bought or are planning to buy this Samsung Home Theater System. The Samsung HTC5500XAA is a 5.1 channel surround sound system that also has Blu Ray player in built with it. So you should be able to play a Blu Ray play with this Home Theater System.

The Samsung HTC5500XAA is regularly priced at $449, however, it was found on Black Friday Sale for $297 on November 26, 2010 at Best Buy. It does look like a good deal, in case you plan to buy a Home Theater System.

The features of the Samsung HTC5500XAA include wireless internet connectivity and wireless speaker capability. So you do not have to dealt with the clutter of wires to set up this Home Theater System. With the intenet connectivity you have ability to access Netflix, Blockbuster, Pandora, YouTube and other widgets.

Samsung HTC5500XAA has an HDMI connector that you can hook up to your TV .

The Samsung HTC5500XAA has 4 satellite speakers including  two 2″ front speakers,  2″ center speaker and a surround speaker. The speakers are Wireless ready so you do not need wiring.

The Samsung HTC5500XAA is iPod  compatible, so you can play your ipod songs directly with it.

The Samsung HTC5500XAA gives out superb sound quality. The only thing is you will have to spend some time learning about the different controls that this Home Theater System offers.

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