Samsung launches its 55-inch 240 Hz 3D 1080p TV

Posted by Stefan on October 15th, 2009 in High Definition | No Comments


All of you will be now looking forward to watching 3D movies at home. But you must get that 3D feeling. A few weeks back Panasonic had revealed its 3D HDTV. Now, it is turn of Samsung. This set is a 55 inch 3D HDTV with a resolution of 1080p and 240 Hz frequency. This set is aimed to give the eyes a smooth and fluid motion and the actual three dimensional feeling. A prototype model was already revealed in Seoul.

But now, we are looking forward to the much awaited 3D HDTV. I wish I could watch the movies without those 3D glasses. More and more 3D HDTV’s are sure to be released this year and the common man should also be able to afford it.

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