Samsung LN32C350 LCD HDTV Review

Posted by Stefan on November 25th, 2010 in High Definition | 1 Comment

This review is about the Samsung LN32C350 HDTV that is available at different stores including Target. The Samsung LN32C350 is a 32 inches LCD HDTV at 720p resolution which means that it has 720 Horizontal lines in the display. The Samsung LN32C350 is NOT a full HD resolution TV. The full HD has a resolution of 1080p or 1980 x 1080 which gives slightly better quality of the display.

Here are some quick and important notes about Samsung LN32C350 LCD HDTV

Samsung LN32C350 LCD HDTV Connections

The Samsung LN32C350 LCD HDTV has 2 HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface on its back. You can use the HDMI outputs from Blu Ray players, computers and other sources that give out HDTV output to this TV.

Samsung LN32C350 also has a USB connector and a VGA connector. You can use the USB connector to view the pictures on the TV stored in the USB pen drive. The VGA connector can be used to connect the PC in case the PC does not has an HDMI connector on its back.

Samsung LN32C350 – Other Freatures

– ConnectShare JPEG feature in Samsung LN32C350 connects a thumb drive or digital camera allowing access to videos, music and pictures.

– The Samsung LN32C350 Exceeds ENERGY STAR Standards – You get 43% more energy efficient ENERGY STAR 4.0 standards. Not only does it saves electricity, it helps to keep the environment clean.

– The Samsung LN32C350 comes with ASTC digital tuner and NTSC analog tuner built in. So you do not need to buy a separate TV tuner to see the broadcast and Cable channels on this TV.

– The Samsung LN32C350 has good brightness, contrast. The picture quality is sharp and bright.

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  1. peter says

    February 20, 2012

    I’m in south africa nd I hav da ln32c350 nd its nt wrkn it shows weak or no signal. I’ve tried everything bt nothing.