Samsung presents the monitor Aims VC240 with 5 Megapixel webcam

Posted by Stefan on June 18th, 2009 in High Definition | No Comments


The LCD monitor Aims VC240 is a 24 inch with good features and a 5 megapixel camera fixed on the top.

The webcam embedded into the monitor is able to capture video in high definition, 720p at 30 fps, with a bitrate 2 Megabits. It is also able to support the V2oip, Voice and Video Over IP, and all systems Voip and SIP for video conferencing.

The monitor is a Full HD resolution 1920 × 1080, contrast 1000:1 and a viewing angle of 170/160.

The monitor Aims VC240 with 5-megapixel camera will be available in the fall and will cost $ 2000, perhaps a little ‘too?

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