Samsung producing 30nm 3-bit, DDR flash memory

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The electronics giant Samsung has begun the mass production of two variants of its popular NAND flash memory. The new DDR can store and process twice as much data as before in one given cycle. It also promises to be relatively faster than the slow NAND chips in the present. The new devices will be 3 times faster and the NAND chip would be able to read at 133MBPs which is far better than the 40MBPs. The storage could also read at 60 MBPs which is again 3 times faster than the 17 MBPs equivalent.

There is now a single layer 32 GB chip embedded which does not affect power consumption. This chip can hence be used in handheld devices and other portable media as well as smart phones. The denser 3 bits per cell memory can provide about 50 per cent of more storage space. The 3 bit flash memory will be used for larger memory cards and USB thumb drives as well. However Samsung is not talking about the specific purpose for which the NAND is developed. Apple is likely to be the most important customer for these newly developed products of Samsung.

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