Samsung S5PC100 – Processor used in iPhone 3GS

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The Samsung S5PC100 is the processor used in the iPhone 3 GS model. The Samsung S5PC100 is based upon Cortex A8 processor. The block diagram taken from the Samsung brochure shows important blocks of the processor.

At the central bottom, you will notice the direct LCD controller, which is the single greatest benefit of using a Cortex A8 based processor. You do not need any external discrete component to drive a LCD panel.  The Samsung S5PC100 can drive a DDR2 memory directly using its integrated memory controller. While it is nice to have DDR memory, the DDR2 memory controller further enhances its speed and preserves power.

The multimedia acceleration is useful in the encoding, decoding and display of the videos. We also have a large number of in built connectivity including, USB Host, 4 UARTs, I2C and MMC controller.

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