Samsung SGH-A187 Gophone review

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Everyday new technologies are coming up to make our lifestyle easier. Gophone technology is countable as one of them. Samsung has provided us lots of Gophones in market but among them the best one is the Samsung SGH-A187. This model has been loaded with numerous features like multimedia text messaging feature, e-mail client apps, Instant messaging provider, net surfing, audio player and the extra memory card slot for having 16GB external storage. The curves of the phone are subtle along with matching blue color with glossy face. The phone is very much portable as the length is 4.3 inches, 2.3 inches of wideness and 0.47-inches of depth. It is very light in weight as it weights only about 3.1 ounces which is very much lighter to hold. The Samsung SGH-A187 has sleek design which enables you to slide in the pocket easily.

The Samsung SGH-A187 is supplied with 0.2 inch of QVGA color display with having the resolution of 176×220-pixel. It supports 262,000 numbers of colors. The display quality is very good with bright and colorful display. The navigation keys are present below the phone screen. The Talk and End buttons are raised slightly which provides easy detection of the keys even not seeing them.

The Samsung SGH-A187 provides the supply of compact QWERTY keyboard which is beneath the navigation keys. The keyboard has the keys with raised and ridged design which gives easiness on gripping. The keyboard is also supplied with some essential buttons like instant messenger button, screen lock key, silent mode key. The spines of the phone have the buttons for the volume rocker application, micro USB port and camera button. The phone has 1.3 MP camera at the backside of the phone along with the micro SD memory card slot beneath the back cover for having 16 GB extra memory storage capacity.

It has the capacity of holding 750 contacts with the facility of storing the multiple phone numbers in each entry with other contact details like the calling group, e-mail address, address of home, photo etc. The other features included in this phone are the world clock, stopwatch, music layer, timer, calculator, tip calculator etc. The Samsung SGH-A187 has the Bluetooth feature with the feature of online storefront by which you can subscribe ringtone, applications, games etc.
Yahoo messenger, World live etc are present for doing live chat and the facility for the instant messenger. It also has the applications for checking the e-mail. The AT&T and Edge network is present for web surfing but it is little slow comparing to 3G which is annoying for the 3G users.

Therefore, after reading the review of the Samsung SGH-A187 Gophone, you have the knowledge about its great features and applications. The battery life is 6 hours talk time and in standby mode it is 12.5 days which is really useable. The Samsung SGH-A187 is a great Gophone at a very good price.

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