Samsung ST550 a compact digital camera

Posted by Stefan on September 14th, 2009 in Announcements, Digital Cameras | 1 Comment

In the era of Facebook and MySpace, Samsung is introducing at the IFA 2009, the ST550, a compact digital camera with a dual screen LCD monitor, designed for the self to the “MySpace” that everyone on the internet aware.

Characterized by a modern design made even more enjoyable by the front screen from 1.5 inches to be turned off completely disappears, the ST550 incorporates a touchscreen 3-inch (3.5 version ST550), 12.2 MP CCD sensor with optical wide-angle Schneider Kreuznach from 27 mm 4.6x optical zoom.


If the technical side there is an impression that much, the ST500 will surely be noted for the interface gestures through gravitational sensor. When shooting a portrait, for example, a colpettino on the front screen portrait mode with detection of smiles, so without using the shutter button the photo will be made as soon as you smile.

In addition to this function, the sensor will make us navigate through menus by tilting the camera slightly, making the process more intuitive and simple. The unfailing ability to record HD video in H.264 at 30 fps Reasy and take pictures with the help of anti-vibration stabilizer.

After recording the video, the ST550 also enables direct vision through the HDMI port or display Integrated 3.5-inch high resolution with more than one million pixels.

Price: around $ 300 to $ 350 for the ST500 and ST550.

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  1. Mercedes Benz says

    October 12, 2010

    You may want to consider Kodak C195 – it is a good competitor.