Samsung ST600 14MP 5X Digital Camera Review

Posted by Stefan on January 7th, 2011 in Digital Cameras | 1 Comment

About Samsung ST600 14MP 5X Digital Camera

When Samsung emerged into the electronics industry, they were quick to establish their brand as one of the most promising and innovative in this industry. One specific niche in this industry wherein they have excelled at is in terms of manufacturing digital cameras. The newest addition into their portfolio is the Samsung ST600 14MP 5X Digital Camera, which is currently sold for a price range between $179 to $329 across various online retail stores. Should you take it with you during your next trip? Find out more details below to help you decide.

With Samsung ST600 14MP 5X Digital Camera, you’d never have to rely on a professional photographer or excellent photography skills to ensure that you can preserve those special memories in high quality photos that can last a long time. This camera is designed to deliver all the technology you need to ensure that even beginners can take professional-quality shots. Plus, it is also quite compact such that you won’t have any trouble carrying it around. Aside from the digital camera unit itself, you will also get a few accessories to go along with the package. These include the following: 4GB microSD memory card, memory wallet, LCD screen protectors, camera case, cleaning kit, and a mini tripod. Indeed, you will get anything you need to ensure that you can make full use of this camera.

The Samsung ST600 14MP 5X Digital Camera is equipped with up to 14 megapixel of optical sensor resolution to guarantee the sharpest quality images captured through this digital camera. Combine that with 5 times optical zooming capacity and a 27mm wide angle lens, then you have a surefire formula to a reliable digital camera, whicih ensures you can recreate quality photos no matter what the shooting condition is.

The dual LCD display integrated into Samsung ST600 14MP 5X Digital Camera measures around 1.8 inches in size, which should be enough for you to preview the shots you have taken. The integration of dual LCD display is also a convenient feature such that you can take self-portraits and see the results of the shot before you even click the shutter. The backside display is much larger, which measures at 3.5 inches so you can view your pictures in a slideshow later. A simple on/off button is easily accessible on the camera body to help you make efficient use of energy and be able to take more pictures.

Pro’s of Samsung ST600 14MP 5X Digital Camera

*High pixel resolution;
*Convenient button function;
*Easy to use;
*Compact in size;
*Shipped with several useful accessories;
*Dual LCD display.

Con’s of Samsung ST600 14MP 5X Digital Camera

*It does not have any notable drawbacks to it.

The Bottom Line

Samsung is a trusted brand when it comes to buy digital cameras and Samsung ST600 14MP 5X Digital Camera does not disappoint. It is equipped with a good mix of technology, efficiency, and practicality such that you can enjoy making memories, while you let the camera do all the recording of those great moments. Even beginners can carry this around and be able to produce photographs as if they were taken by a professional photographer.

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  1. KazikM says

    January 7, 2011

    Does anybody know where ST600 is made? I want to add it to my “made in” website -ProductFrom – but can’t find any info
    about its origin.