Samsung Transform Review

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Samsung Transform is another high-end phone produced through Epic 4G styling along with a front-facing camera. Initially, this models was planned as Galaxy S variant, but subsequently took the shape towards matching mid-range Android smartphone. This side-sliding QWERTY design can successfully console some of the disappointments that are expected from this smartphone. Most of the features of the Transform are truly inspired from its big brother Epic 4G.

Inside Out:

The outside of the Samsung Transform designed more attractively with glossy black finish along with thin chrome band that is running down the centre of the device. The device is little thicker unlike Galaxy S. Its solid build is comparatively economical. Its QWERTY keypad is much better than many other mid-range Android smartphones. It sliding door arranged for the micro-USB port is truly appreciating.

The layout of the keyboard is much appealing though the keys are bit shallow and failing to offer satisfying click for the user. The Transform got 3.5-inch LCD screen of 320 x 480 pixels capacity. The screen is bright enough than many other mid-range devices. The rear cam of the device is equipped with 3.2-megapixels, which is assuring best shots in outdoors. The front cam of the device is a VGA webcam and easy for video chats. There are few complaints mentioning that background noises were heard during calls through this device.

The Samsung Transform runs on Android 2.1 and there is a chance to get Froyo upgrade pretty soon. The thickness of the device is 15mm, but little heavier and bigger in rest of the dimensions.

Samsung Transform Positives:

• Call quality is excellent when compared with rest of the mid-range devices in the market.
• Battery life is pretty good and hard to ignore.
• Keyboard is excellent and easy to use.

Samsung Transform Negatives:

• This device is little heavier over its predecessors.
• There is no facility for bundled micro SD Card.

Buttons and Controls:

The top right side of the device is arranged with Power button along with a voice dial button to its below. The button for the camera is at the bottom right side of the device. The volume rise and lower buttons are arranged at the top left side of the device.

The micro SD card slot is arranged at the bottom left side, which is hidden underneath the cover of the device. The charge/sync port is arranged at the top along with headphone jack for the device.


The Samsung Transform is a best choice among al the currently available mid-range Android devices.

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