Sanwa 400-HS015 bone-conduction Bluetooth sunglasses

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With the Motorola’s Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth Headset we did not get our expected results or in other words it did not reach our expectations. This Bluetooth sunglass is the latest gadget to look out for.
These sunglasses can be hooked up to your cellphone, PMP or your notebook. You can also listen to songs via Bluetooth A2DP.

This concept is definitely good for your ears as well as it can help to relieve your ears from those in-ear buds. You can also hear the traffic and carry on with your conversations. This device allows you to keep a check of your surroundings. Here, the audio is transmitted by vibrating the tiny bones of your inner ear with the help of two adjustable pads which is located just in front of your ears. There is also a microphone available in order to use the 400-HS015 as a Bluetooth hands-free kit. In order to control the volume all you have to do is to wink your eyes. The Sanwa 400-HS015 bone-conduction Bluetooth sunglasses are priced at $217.

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