Seagate Replica Released

Posted by Stefan on April 28th, 2009 in Gadget | No Comments


Seagate has recently presented to the world Replication, a tool able to make a backup of almost everything in your PC simply by connecting, via USB, and accepting the license terms of service, without any procedure to be performed.

When did the first backup, which will last approximately 40 minutes, after adding or changing files on the pc it updates replication on its own, although it amazing that this has the disadvantage of being unable to perform simple drag & drop for move files from ‘device to PC and vice versa.

Seagate Replica will be available in 250GB cut as backup to run on a single computer and a 500 GB one that can make backups on multiple computers, the price will be respectively $ 130 and $ 200, equivalent to about 98 and 151

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