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Share Perfect Moments with Kodak CD80

You would probably want the best camera to share special moments with your family and friends. With Kodak Easyshare CD80, memories will surely last. Pictures are safely stored and can be passed from generation to generation. Capture moments during occasions such as birthdays, events, and holidays! The said camera has a photo quality of 35 mm. It has an option to change the camera setting into HD mode. A 16:9 formatted images are possible for your HDTV. It has a 10 second timer with a 10.2 megapixel quality. Other features include 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zooming.
The Kodak CD80 allows users to edit captured images such as cropping, rotating, and enhancing such as adjustment of brightness and contrast before even uploading it to the computer. It has a 2 GB memory card and an internal memory for added storage. Before taking a shot, you have an option to frame images with its 2.4 color display and automatically focus on images and faces well. Extra movements during shots would be lessened this is because of the blur reduction feature that stabilizes images. You can use it also while you’re indoor or outdoor even if it’s dark because of the built in flash. To protect images, password protection can be applied in the images selected.
Video Function of Kodak Easyshare CD80

You Tube have been a popular site for video bloggers. If you want to easily share your funny and special moments, it is made easy and possible with the Kodak CD80. With a video frame of 30 seconds, you can capture as many videos you want. Maximum resolution of 640X480 pixels in videos allows you to save time from adjusting settings in the computer as you instantly upload it to You Tube.
Included in the package is a USB cord for easy connection and access when uploading pictures or videos to the computer in case you don’t have a memory card reader. The memory card is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Mac, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It instantly has a share option found in the camera’s menu when executed to the computer. The camera set includes the EasyShare software where you can organize photos into collections and looking a picture is faster with its search feature. Sharing is simple and digital pictures have clarity. You will surely enjoy the camera package when you’ll purchase it. For only $129.99 you can get this camera and experience the fun.

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