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Sharp AQUOS LC60E78UN LCD HDTV is the new liquid crystal display technology High definition television introduced in to the market by Sharp which has set its own record in the consumer electronics division. This is introduced to lure the customers craving for stunning clarity. Sharp AQUOS LC60E7UN LCD television is an ultra slim model with 60” and the depth is just 4” approximately. One can experience excellent clarity in the video as the model is supported with 1080 pixels the maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The Sharp AQUOS LC60E78UN LCD TV is an enhanced design with refresh rate 120Hz which prevents the blurring of the picture during fast moving scenes. Sharp AQUOS LC60E78UN LCD HD television costs approximately $1500 which is worth at the Best buy by the time of article writing.

As Sharp AQUOS LC60E78UN LCD HD television is ultra slim it is easily mountable on the wall. In Sharp AQUOS LC60E78UN LCD HD television the video brightness automatically get adjusted to the room light as it is provided with active contrast technology. There also exists active color technology in Sharp AQUOS LC60E78UN LCD television which serves the purpose of maintaining the color to brightness ratio so that one can view with ease even bright colors on the screen.

The model is provided with 4 HDMI ports and also four audio ports. The four HDMI ports are 2 each component video and composite video ports. Component video is when the display format is YCbCr or RGB analog component video and composite video is CVBS standard analog, CVBS stands for Composite, video, blanking and sync. In Sharp AQUOS LC60E78UN LCD HDTV one port for PC input is provided so one can connect PC to experience high resolution images. Sharp AQUOS LC60E78UN LCD HD television doesn’t have the advantage of streaming video from internet on the TV screen as it is not provided with Ethernet port. The model is not provided with wireless adopter inbuilt hence one cannot have wireless network at home.

Sharp AQUOS LC60E78UN LCD television is not equipped with USB port thus one cannot have the comforts of connecting an USB device or digital camera to the television. Sharp AQUOS LC60E78UN HDTV is the best model to have the stunning clarity experience nothing more at the maximum one can connect their PC. 390 watts power in the normal mode and 0.4 watts power in the standby mode is consumed. One can experience good audio with 10 watts inbuilt speakers. Despite the negative features like absence of USB ports and so the stunning clarity and picture quality compensates the absent features. Finally one can say undoubtedly that this model is the best one for the customers who carve for clarity and brilliant picture quality on the television.

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