Sherwood iNet-2.0 Revealed

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Home Electronics manufacturer Sherwood is going to release a great iphone dock, the iNet 2.0, which comes with multiple new features incorporated within it. The most observable feature about the new equipment is its big touchscreen display. It comes with a size of 8”. This iPod/iPhone dock is compatible with your music device even it works well if the device has bigger set of speakers, but that is not only the extra feature. There are other features also.

You can hook up internet with the iNet 2.0 through an Ethernet port which is located on the back of the device. It can work in wi-fi environment also. The iNet 2.0 once hooked up with internet would be able to play music from internet radio stations. Rhapsody and Napster allow you Audio on Demand, which authorize you to choose song as per your choice and play them back at your own speed.

There are other features also. You can use it as an Alarm Clock or make it as Digital Photo Frame. The iNet2.0 comes with 1GB of on-board storage which would be synchronized by SD cards or USB thumb drives. For audio requirement, the iNet’s speakers need a 20-watt amp to run. Sorry to say for those who are looking for buying this device, Sherwood didn’t announce any price details or any details regarding release dates yet.

( via engadget )

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