Shipping Now – MSI’s 21.5-inch multitouch Wind Top AE2220 all-in-one

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MSI is a marvelous Multitouch and now is on a spin with its all-new Wind top and the quality of being the all in one gadget. The latest version is the AE 2220; along with being the latest, it is greatest too. The amazing screen of the size 21.5-inch holds up the multi touch supported by Windows 7 Home to make sure you will by no means have a totally blotch-free reflection impending from the ION chipset. It engrosses the memory of 4 GB along with either 2.1GHz T4300 or2.2GHz T6600 or the Intel processor, whereas storage space is now given by a drive of capacity 500GB. Twin PCIe extension gap provides it a little anticipation of being improvable in the upcoming time, and VESA wall rise companionability indicates you will not even ought to clear out your desk. It has not exposed up at seller.

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