Skype 1.3.1 iPhone App Reaches the iTunes App Store, Still No 3G Calling Available

Posted by Stefan on April 7th, 2010 in Apple, Cell Phones | No Comments

Skype had promised a timely update for its specific iTunes App Store application and it has indeed arrived on time. There were promises about 3G calling support for Skype calls but even after update 1.3.1, the users will have to be content with WiFi. The new update is all about stability and even the UI hasn’t been tweaked which is why experts now believe that the update which tweaks the UI will be the one that will eventually open doors to calls over the 3G network.

Update 1.3.1 was also tested for the iPad and iPhone running on Apple OS 3.2. The ‘improved stability’ which the update offers is relevant to a number of features and functions for example Skype is more stable when switching between tabs

The stability is also evident during an incoming call with chat in landscape mode and also during an incoming call when there is a camera/address book view visible
. Other than the stability factor, the update has corrected an alert about unsupported platform. [via: Nexus404]

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