Sling Founder shows Android for home automation

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Fans of home automation are always looking for the ideal application to control all digital components from their homes, so the application shown by Blake Krikorian, founder of Sling Media, could have many enthusiastic buyers in no time. The software (called “R2”) is being developed in Crestron, and so far it has been running on nothing less than a Galaxy Tab.

Krikorian explains that this is the result of 1.5 years of work and decided to use Android due to limitations of IOS, such as having to swipe your finger to unlock the screen, in addition, the Google mobile operating system is preferable implementation of multi-tasking and reporting system. The application is not yet ready, however at the time expected to offer in-store Market for about $ 99 while you can entertain with the demonstrative video posted after the jump.

Many people find that $99 dollars -is still a bit expensive. As one user commented – ” It’s like they are going to ask people to pirate it. Hopefully the prices will be lowered so more people will buy it legitimately “

Source – Engadget

Invensys has been one of the oldest company in US in the field of the Home Automation. Many of its products have been in used in home as well as small indutries.

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  1. PizzaHut says

    September 30, 2010

    A copy cat from engadget. Why can not freshgizmos come with with some refreshing new ting.

    Home automation is not a new thing for US, but it looks like is spreading to East.