Sony Bravia KDL-40EX40B TV

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The all new Sony Bravia 40″ monitor with 1080p 60Hz is one of the best LCD HDTV available today. With its combo version available with a Blu-ray DVD unit allows anybody to enjoy and experience picture quality like no other, offering a full HD 1080p for the whole family to enjoy, it is considered the highest and most powerful at home resolution available today. Taking full use and advantage of other HD sources like the Blu-ray ready Disc Player and even a PlayStation3 gaming unit with the 16:9 ratio aspect wide screens.

To be able to take full potential and advantage to enjoy the capabilities of these HDTV, having a source or player of HD programming is a must to fully see the Sony LCD 40″ HDTV’s full potential. So if one is planning to purchase this HDTV monitor one must make sure to Contact their local satellite TV or cable TV provider and get more details and information on how to avail and upgrade the said service.
The all new Sony Bravia LCD HDTV 1080p 40″ Class 60Hz with Blu-ray DVD Combo’s model number is: KDL-40EX40B. Its LCD panel offers 16:9 ratios and also offers a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. Seeing a very clear picture is assured from anywhere and any angle in any room because of its wide angle vertically which is 178 degrees and horizontally also 178 degrees. It also offers an ATSC/QAM that is built-in that is digital also and a digital/NTSC which is an analog tuner. It is possible to watch conventional broadcasts and also digital broadcasts; this also includes HDTV quality programs if and when it is available on area. It also has 4 HDMI inputs and everybody will enjoy a clean and lossless HD experience because of the single HDMI cable experience. The built-in DVD Blu-ray combo enables users to play back any favorite discs of Blu-rays and also DVDs and with the plus of having Dolby Digital sound experience. It also features the BRAVIA sync; this enables all other Bravia compatible devices to be in sync and to be able to communicate with each other. Its screen measures 40″ diagonally from one corner to another corner.

Many HDTV’s are coming out but mostly are too big and expensive and usually overcomes a room instantly upon installation. The all new Sony Bravia’s size is just right to use in bedrooms or smaller rooms. Because of its quality even if its small compared to other HDTVs available, the screen’s quality is superb that even small texts are very clear and easy to read.

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