Sony Cybershot DSC W310 Review

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Sony Cybershot DSC W310 – Review: The High Resolution, Beginner Camera

The 2010 marks Sony’s launch of its new pocket digital camera intended for beginners, the Sony Cybershot DSC W310. The camera comes equipped with 12 mega pixels resolution and a lens of 4x wide angle zoom. The Cybershot W310 boasts ease of use and better pricing compared to its peers.

The LCD screen of 2.7 inch is especially comfortable for a point and shoot camera, as you simply frame what you want to capture and the Cybershot does the rest, giving you exactly what you see. An interesting feature added in support to this is what is called the smile shutter. This application makes the camera takes an automatic picture whenever it detects someone throwing a smile within its frame. One thing to keep in mind is the lack of blink detection in the Sony Cybershot DSC W310.

Lots of noise has been raised regarding the quality of the Sony Cybershot DSC W310 pictures. It looks as if the Cybershot has difficulties dealing with contrast. No clear details can be captured in colorful outdoor shots. Grains are plenty in evidence in the darker parts of the picture, in line with the lack of details in lightest patches of the images.

Sharpness of the images is also a problem as edges of the pictures go soft when zoomed out, while zooming in does little to improve. Most experts believe that the Sony Cybershot DSC W310 is most suitable to mortal fruits of labor like vehicles, monuments and building, which can not compete in details with the products of nature.

Again, the device is intended for entry level users with its Double Anti-Blur function which indeed reduce blurriness by providing Optical SteadyShot image stabilization and ISO 3200 to provide high level of image sensitivity. The latter is especially useful when it comes to semi dark places.

Other than the Program and the Intelligent Auto modes, the Sony Cybershot DSC W310 comes with 8 other different functional modes: Beach, Gourmet, High Sensitivity, Landscape, Snow, Soft Snap, Twilight Portrait and Twilight. The Sony Cybershot DSC W310 also has an intelligent scene mode which enable the camera to gauge the environment and adjust accordingly to one of these seven settings: backlight, backlight portrait, landscape, macro, portrait, twilight and twilight portrait.

Other than the internal memory running 6 MB capacity, images and motion pictures you have captured have a place in SD or SD HC cards or the Sony PRO cards and Sony’s Memory Stick Duo. USB 2.0 High Speed data connectivity is available with the Sony Cybershot DSC W310, as is the NTSC/PAL standard definition video output connectivity.

In conclusion, the Sony Cybershot DSC W310 is produced with the beginner target market in mind. It is intended for easy use where owners take quick pictures on the go, navigating the easy menu and carrying the compact, light device as they travel. Picture quality is equally indended solely for sharing purposes, where users post their pictures online or send them via cell phones. Pixel counts, contrast and image clarity are all intended for no more than 8 x 10 inch prints.

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