Sony MHC-EC69I Mini Hi-Fi Music Shelf System

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Sony MHC-EC69I Mini Hi-Fi Music Shelf System is the new music system from Sony, the Japan based consumer electronics market giant. The cost of this music system is 95 dollars. The user can connect their ipod to the music system and play songs from it or can even user this music system to charge their ipod when it is connected to the music system. This has a single disc CD player, so the user is restricted to use CD playback only. The user can use MP3 CDs and VCDs but the user cant use a DVD or a blu ray disc. There are both AM and FM tuners supported in this music system with 30 preset stations.

There is also support for 2 driver bass reflux speaker system which operates in two way. The total RMS power produced by this Sony MHC-EC69I is 100 watts. There is an audio in port through which the user can connect Mp3 player or a Personal computer output to the music system and hear the same on the music system. The remote control that comes along the music system also has functional keys for ipod menus. There is also a headphone jack available in this mini music system. There are 10 preset AM stations and 20 present FM stations that are supported in this music system.

Sony MHC-EC69I Mini Hi-Fi Music Shelf System is compatible with CD-R and CD-RW format discs. The audio output mode of this music system is stereo by default. There is support for equalizer. The amplifier used in this music system is 50 Watt 6 Ohm amplifier at 1 hertz and which has 2 channels. The power consumed when it is playing music is 80 watts and in standby it consumes 0.5 watt. The equalizer comes with 7 preset modes. There is support for both playback timer and sleep timer in this music system.

There are two built in clocks available in Sony MHC-EC69I Mini Hi-Fi Music Shelf System namely digital clock and timer clock. The signal to noise ratio which is the ratio to the signal strength and amount of noise present measures to be 90 decibels for this music system. The higher the signal to noise ratio the more the quality of the audio produced.  The dynamic range of the signal to noise ratio measures 88 decibels. There are two wired left channel and right channel speakers available which are 6 ohm external speakers. There are no wireless speakers supported by this music system, which is a major disadvantage and also it does not have DLNA compliance. Other than the things mentioned above there is nothing that the Sony MHC-EC69I Mini Hi-Fi Music Shelf System lacks compared to the other music systems available.

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