Sony Play station to overturn The Cell Architecture

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When the market is busy in maintaining the neck to neck competition with the existing high consumer demands, Sony is rumored to be involved in ditching the Cell Architecture in their present project of Play Station 3 which is supposed to initiate that extra bit of horse power to the individuals eager to experience the new edge challenging scenario.

According to the PCWatch, Sony has given up the idea of combining the Cell with the Larrabee chipset for their new project and rather is involved in considering the implementation of the mainstream multi core processors in their forthcoming release of the Play Station 4.

The new project is supposed to be a better one than its previous versions and a lot more convenient to experience. The edgy design should appeal and make it a far more acceptable one among its kind. The forthcoming Play Station 4 is yet to be released in the year of 2012 or in the early 2013.

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