Sony showcases its new 280-inch commercial 3D display

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Sony which has taken part in the currently ongoing International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition in Japan is now showing off its 280-inch 3D display as a part of their exhibition model. The display is a collection of 3D Light Emitting Diode wall and expands to about 21 feet in width and 11 feet length. The screen can display both 2D and 3D video images and is made up of 70 LED displays. Each of the LED is 28 inches in size.

Polarized glasses are to be worn by viewers, each for left and the right eye, to view the 3D images. The 3D view is produced by the system displaying overlapping images.

Sony has also displayed its HDC-P1 multi-purpose camera which is especially designed for taking 3D images. These can also be used by combining two HDC-P1s and recording 3D video. The show was also recorded in 3D using this setup.

Though the TV broadcasting of 3D videos to homes of Japan is undeterminable, however 3D TVs and Blu-ray players have now been expected to reach the homes of Japan in the year 2010. The US has already started broadcasting a couple of events such as live sports and music concerts in 3D format. Next, Sony is said to be looking into the gaming systems like PS3 and concentrating all its efforts in implementing 3D technology in this field too.

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