Sony SLT A55 interchangeable lens camera

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Sony SLT A55 interchangeable lens camera is expected to be launched in October 2010. The SLT- A55 is expected to be available at  $749. You should notice that the price is only for the body and does not include the lens. Expect to pay $100 or so for 18-55mm kit lens.

If you wish you may opt for the lower priced SLT-A33 which is expected to be available only for  $649 ( body only).

While the SLT-55 has 16.2 million total pixels, the SLT-A33 has only 14.6 million total pixels. The SLT A-55 can shoot at 10fps in continuous mode, while the A33 part can shoot only at 7 fps. The SLT-A55 has Built-in – records orientation and elevation data which is not present in the A33.  The SLT A55 also has better battery life.

The basic design of both the models stay same.  Several positive reviews have started appearing in the media. According to dpreview, a foremost authority on  the camera reviews

“Sony’s latest interchangeable lens cameras, the SLT Alpha A33 and A55 represent a significant technological milestone – not just for Sony but for the enthusiast camera market as a whole.”

Sony’s SLT A55 has a 1080p AVCHD movie mode with continuous AF which you can use to create high quality movie.

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