Sony SMP-N200

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All you wanted to know about Sony SMP-N200

Freshgizmos presentes you everything that you wanted to know about SMP-N200 that was unveiled recently at Sony IFA 2011.

Question – What exactly is the Sony SMP-N200 ?
Answer – Sony SMP-N200 is a “network player” that “makes your TV smart”.

– So what exactly is a network player.
Answer – A network player is a way to play the contents available via network ( means ethernet and wifi) and is displayed on a TV. It has an HDMI connection to hook to the TV and a Ethernet connector to connect to the network. You may also connect to the network using the wifi connection.

Question – How does it look like
Answer – See for yourself. It is a black box that will have an HDMI connector , an Ethernet (or a wifi) connectivity.

Question – So how does it “make TV smart” ?
Answer – The SMP-N200 can stream a 2D or even a 3D movie directly on your TV. If that does not seem smart enough it brings Bravia Internet Video on your TV.

It also allow you to browse the internet, facebook.

Question – Does it has USB connectivity ?
Answer – Oh yeah. The USB connection will allow you to connect to external USB devices and you can view the content of the USB on the TV.

Question – Thanks Freshgizmos for answering my questions.
Answer – You are welcome. If you or anyone else has more questions, you can write in the comment section and someone from freshgizmos or the reader community will reply.

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  1. Brother says

    September 5, 2011

    How much does it cost ? What is the difference between Sony SMP-N200 and SMP-N100 , the earlier model ?