Sony to bring Firefox to PS3

Posted by Stefan on November 21st, 2009 in Announcements, Gaming | No Comments


Sony comes in with good news for the PS3 owners. Sony has planned to replace the built-in web browser that came along with PS3 with Firefox.
The rumor is that Sony is planning to partner with Mozilla to make such an arrangement and Mozilla might chip in Sony’s quest to be a flawless gaming major. However, no deal has been signed yet it has already created a buzz in the gaming world.

Currently incorporated browser inside PS3 is not so reliable and the users are just hoping to get rid of it soon. If Mozilla gets convinced to bring in Firefox to PS3, the game console might receive a good shot in its quest to rule over Xbox. The internet functionality in PS3 will definitely be improved if this Firefox plan gets implemented. The users have complained about the lack of reliability of the current built-in web browser and if both the companies agree, the game would just be better.

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