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Key Features

– Relatively modest processor – Intel core i5-460M ( 2.53 GHz, 3 MB Cache, 2.80 GHz Turbo Boost)
– Big 17.3″ inch screen
– Integrated Webcam

Sony Vaio VPC-EC3M1E/BJ Review

A laptop should be always a multipurpose device. A laptop that can serve for every purpose such as home theatre and work computer would be everyone’s choice and this same can be expected successfully from the 17-inch Vaio. The kind of impression that this Vaio can create through its low noise, variety ports and keyboard is pretty hard to ignore.

Today, Sony is presenting a simple computer for the entire family in the firm of Vaio VPC-EC3M1E/BJ.

Case Design:

The Vaio VPC-EC3M1E/BJ case design is quite familiar as this is from a family that is already made a mark in the market. This is 17.3-inch laptop, but a perfect match with the successful contemporaries in the area of visual and technical qualities. It has a plain and simple design for its case. Varnished yet matte surface sit side-by-side with glossy plastic parts and there will be no aluminum-magnesium. The cover of this laptop case is quite sturdy and suits best for household usage. Its tight hinges are always successful at keeping the screen in position.

Viao VPC-EC3M1E/BJ Connectivity :

The latest USB 3.0 is not available with this laptop. Here, this can adjusted with the help of provided ExpressCard 34 slot, which offers wide range of transfer options for a user. At the same time, you have a facility of eSATA port with this laptop. Connecting an external sound system through ExpressCard 34 or eSATA or HDMI will not be a problem with this laptop. If you want to connect camcorder with the laptop, then try it through ExpressCard34 as there is no facility of Firewall Port.

This laptop got two card reader slots and both located at the front of the system. It is equipped well with Sony-Specific Memory Stick HG-Duo. This memory format is famous and suitable for digital SLR cameras, high-end digital cameras and digital camcorders. It is also equipped with VGA 0.3 MP Webcam of 640×480 resolution.

Bluetooth and the Internet:

The WLAN module from Atheros offers the fastest Wi-Fi available with its Draft-N standard. The Vaio VPC-EC3M1E/B got built-in Bluetooth module too, which can support the 2.1+ EDR standards. The Marvel Yukon 88E8059 LAN adapter offers data transfer at the gigabit standard.


There will be no software for Windows available in CD or DVD available with this laptop. The hard drive provided in this laptop is full of Vaio programs and usage of them is up to the user. The full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements are pretty useful with this laptop. There are some more useful things to mention as Vaio utilities such as Update, Smart Network, Care (Support), Gate (Solution Portal) and Media gallery.


This laptop comes as usual with the Sony’s 24-months send-in warranty. This involves one-year standard warranty plus one-year extended warranty. Registration immediately after the purchase is essential to avail this warranty.

Input Devices:

The Vaio EC3M1E/BJ comes with comfortable keyboard that is good for typing continuous hours. The number pad on this keyboard has the same dimension as it does with letter keys. The layout of the keyboard is as same as a desktop. The Alps-Pad is well designed and responds successfully with multi-touch gestures such as rotation, panning, pinch-zoom.

Special Function Keys:

The sony via Vaio VPC-EC3M1E/B got few special function keys above the keyboard as Assist, Web, and Vaio. Assist special key is to offer utilities for administering laptop such as recovery, diagnosis, troubleshooting. Vaio special key is for multimedia gallery such as access to media on the computer within the local network. The Web special key is to start mini operating system when the computer is in off mode.


The reflective screen of this laptop has a resolution of 1,600×900. This WXGA++ resolution is the minimum standard for 17.3-inch screens. Its contrast ratio is at 225:1, which is considered to be weak. High standard vivid colors would be not satisfactory with this contrast ratio. The small color space with this laptop is another drawback and will fail to offer needed effects.


This laptop is equipped with Intel Core i5-460M (2 X 2.53 GHz, 3MB L2 Cache) along with an ATI HD 5650 graphics card (1 GB DDR3). The equipped 460M has a Turbo-Boost function (up to 2.80 GHz) and Hyper Threading for both cores. As with all core i3/i5 a memory controller and an Intel HD on-board graphics card are included in the CPU package.

The 460M is the consumer version of i5 processor. Most advanced functions such as AES, VT-d and Trusted Execution are not available with this laptop. This is indicating that faster encryption is not possible.

Gaming Experience:

The gaming experience with Sony Vaio VPC-EC3M1E/BJ would be pretty ideal through its well equipped ATI Radeon HD 5650 (1 GB GDDR3) graphics card. Notice that by the term gaming we mean high end gaming which requires fast moving ( high fps) screens under demanding processing power.

System Noise:

The inside sufficient space with this laptop is always successful at keeping it at cool. The noise levels with laptop will vary basing on the system condition. In idle condition, the noisy level would be 31.4 dB, at HDD it would be 31.6dB, at DVD it would be 36.3dB and at load it would be 47.6 dB.


Two speakers are very well arranged above the keyboard for this laptop. The quality and special effects of the speaker mainly depends on the user settings and suggested adjusting these settings according to interest rather than the default settings. Remember that these speakers will tend to offer vibration sound at maximum levels.


Weight of the laptop mainly depends on its battery capacity. This laptop is already well equipped with heavy weight due to its reflective screen and huge dimensions. Keeping these things in mind, Sony arranged this laptop with 3,500 mAh capacity battery. This battery is successful at offering long lasting hours of battery back up for the laptop.

Battery run time at idle condition would be 3 hours 45 minutes. While surfing with WLAN, the battery can stand for 2 hours 32 minutes successfully. While running DVD, the laptop can last for 2 hours 07 minutes over the battery. On load conditions, the laptop can survive on battery for 47 minutes successfully.


If a laptop is for entertainment along with work requirements, then the Sony Vaio VPC-EC3M1E/BJ would be perfect choice. It is well-rounded 17.3-inch notebook. This laptop is also successful at offering full gaming experience with its mammoth processor of Intel Core i5-460M (2 x 2.53 GHz).

Manufacturer Specification

Sony has laid out a the specification of this notebook in a very clean manner, which can be read at

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