Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ Laptop Review

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Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ is the latest notebook on sale at bargain price ( At Tigerdirect, it is being offered at $799 at the time of writing). This is a notebook with combines power with elegance and quality of Sony.Let us take at some more detail about this notebook.

Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ Processor

Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ is powered by Intel Core i5-460m processor. The Intel Core i5-460M is a dual core processor that has a nominal core frequency of 2.53GHz. The i5-460M has a turbo boost feature, which means that the processor frequency is temporarily increased to cope with the increase in the demand of the processing power.The maximum turbo frequency of Core i5-460m is 2.8 GHz.

Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ Display and Graphics

The Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ has 17.3″ big display that will be helpful if you want to see movie in relatively bigger screen or if you want to open several windows simultaneously. The screen has a resolurion of 1600 x 900 and the LED backlighting is used which gives bright colors and is also power efficient. The graphics is driven by discrete GPU (ATI Radeon HD 5470) .

Memory And Hard Disk

Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ comes with 4 GB of DDR3 memory, which will let you open several programs simultaneously. The Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ comes with spacious 500 GB hard disk which should practically never get exhausted unless you are loading a huge number of videos.

Ports and Connectivity

Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ, most importantly comes with HDMI connector that you can use to watch the movie on the HDTV or a projector. The Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ also has Ethernet for wired networking, USB ports and audio connectors.


Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ comes with Blu Ray ROM, that you can use to play the movies on the Blu Ray discs. It can also be used to burn the DVDs. As expected, this multimedia notebook also comes with integrated webcam that you can use for video chat. It also has 802.11n wireless wifi connectivity and Bluetooth support.

The Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ comes with 6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery.


Sony VAIO VPCEC3DFX/BJ is available at $1,036.62 at amazon, at the time of writing. The sub $800 price at tigerdirect is a real steal.

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