Sony Viao VPCEA3BFX/WI Laptop Review

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Sony Viao VPCEA3BFX/WI Review

With Sony Viao you can be rest assured  of the quality – at least the quality of the workmanship, keyboard and processors are concerned.  The keyboards of the Via series are a little bit bulged, that makes it easy and fast to type. Aesthetic qualities aside, Sony Viao VPCEA3BFX/WI is a good notebook as far as the specifications of its components are concerned.

Sony Viao VPCEA3BFX/WI Processor

The Sony Viao VPCEA3BFX/WI has intel core i3-370 processor. The core i3-370M works at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and is a dual core processor. The core i3-370M belongs to the newer Arrandale architecture, which has a number of beauties, including integrated memory controller, integrated graphics and a fast DMI Bus to communicate with the chipset. In simpler words, for a common laptop users it translates to a faster processing time. The core i3-370M at 2.4 GHz will be substantially faster than the similarly clocked earlier core 2 processors from intel.

Sony Viao VPCEA3BFX/WI Memory and Hard Disk

The Sony Viao VPCEA3BFX/WI comes with 4 GB of DDR3 hard disk. It should give a decent performance with this memory. Most of the notebooks available today come with only 3 GB of memory.

The hard drive is a 320 GB SATA drive, which gives great performance at 7200 rpm. Notice that this is substantially better than the 5400 rpm hard drive.

Sony Viao VPCEA3BFX/WI Display

The display in Sony Viao VPCEA3BFX/WI is a 14.1 inch LED driven display which gives out bright display.

The Sony Viao VPCEA3BFX/WI is available for $599.99 at BJ on the three day sale. While there are other notebooks available, you can trust the quality of Sony Viao. Additional advantage is the core i3-370M which is the fastest mobile core i3 processor

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  1. Bevereley says

    November 22, 2010

    Good review and thanks for pointing me to the right direction. I hate being in the line for 4 hours on Black Friday with uncertainty.

    I checked that Sony Viao VPCEA3BFX/WI is available at staples at $749, so it is a good bargain at BJ