Sony’s Music Devices: the NAS-M700HD & NAS-D500HD

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Sony unveiled a kind of NAS audio system model for its NAS Series: the CMT-E300HD (300€), NAS-M500HD (420€), and NAS-M700HD (550€).

The M500 and M700 come with a storage capacity of 160GB, 4.3″ LCD screen, two USB ports, Ethernet, WM-PORT, analog audio out, headphone out, and provide an output power of 2x20W (8Ω). They are also DLNA 1.0 certified (you’ll be able to receive data from your system from any Sony device, like MP3 player…), and can reproduce MP3 / ATRAC / WMA audio files. The M700 version also features an MD Player.

The CMT-E300HD features 80GB of storage capacity, one USB port, and cannot reproduce MP3 files from a CD.

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