Sprint ( The highest ranked eco freindly mobile company)

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Sprint may not be the top ranking company to manufacture mobiles in U.S., however it is the highest ranked telecom company by the Newsweek in its green ranking, to be at the #15th place. And to take it further the company has redesigned its accessory packaging such that the new cases are to be the most eco friendly ones in the market.

The new cases will hit the market from November. Then onwards all sprint stores will be selling their products in totally recyclable and smaller new eco friendly packages. These cases will be around 20% to 40% smaller in and will thus save 647 tons of waste per year. The new technology is not just eco friendly; it will even cut down the packaging cost by 35% and save a sum of @2.1 million annually for the company.

Accessories which will have the new packaging:

Instinct HD Protective Carry Wallet
Blackberry Tour Holster
i856 Holster
Jabra C150 Behind The Ear Wired Headset
HTC Hero Silicone Gels
Samsung Reclaim Clear Ice Phone Cover
Samsung Instinct HD Gels
Samsung Intrepid i350 Silicone Gels
Micro-USB Vehicle Power Charger
Palm Micro – USB VPA
Mini USB VPA – Rim 7250/7520/7100i/Ppc6700
Samsung VPA – M300.M510

Herein the packaging will contain PET 1 as a replacement of PVC, being more recyclable. Also the soy and vegetable inks will replace petroleum based inks to reduce the level of volatile organic compounds in the environment.

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