Square Mobile Payments Invades US Through the Apple iPad

Posted by Stefan on April 5th, 2010 in Cell Phones, Internet Highlights | No Comments

It seems that the web world with all its services, media content, gaming options etc. was waiting invade the US and now that the Apple iPad has arrived, there isn’t the dearth of a proper channel. The latest invader is Square Mobile Payments and it too has used the iPad as a medium of introduction in the United States. The Mobile Payment system was initially designed for the iPhone and the iPod Touch but the service was not available in the US.

The transaction services outfit needed a gadget as good as the Apple tablet to be convinced enough to arrive in the US. Square Mobile Payments is Jack Dorsey’s project who is also the co-founder of the utterly popular Twitter.

The service through the iPad is intended for merchants but it will also help the mainstream consumers in the longer run. Square Mobile Payments helps the user to swipe his card using a dongle that plugs in a 3.5mm jack in the case of an iPhone.

Honestly, the transactions take a little bit of time to process but even then, Square Mobile Payments could redefine the system of cash-less payments in the US. [via: Slashgear]

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