Stantum’s unlimited multitouch meets Mini 10

Posted by Stefan on November 17th, 2009 in Announcements, Laptops, Portable Device | No Comments


We had already witnessed the revolution brought by Stantum ten months ago, when it blew the minds of the people with its PMatrix technology. And yet again, it has come up with advancement. Its proof-of-concept Slate PC seems to be remarkable. It is based on the Dell Mini 10 platform and its feature includes a 10.1-inch “unlimited” touch screen and new, compact case. The only thing that could limit the appeal for resellers is the fact that the company has parted away with the keyboard, trackpad, webcam, WiFi, Bluetooth, and one of the USB ports as well in order to save space. Still interested in giving it a try, Feel free to contact the company.

via engadget

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