Surprise, surprise! The Asus EeeKeyboard is Finally Turning Real

Posted by Stefan on April 12th, 2010 in Announcements | 1 Comment

The ASUS EeeKeyboard talks had gained a status similar to those of the UFOs but thank goodness, ASUS has finally broken the jinx and ‘hopefully’ its EeeKeyboard shall be tangible before this month ends. Had it been a rumor, we wouldn’t have covered it for such has been the nature of this news but, the confirmation is coming from ASUS itself. As per ASUS, the EeeKeyboard will start selling in the US in the next three weeks.

A few of you may have even forgotten what the EeeKeyboard is all about and frankly speaking, there is no one who will catch you by the neck. It is a battery-powered PC with an integrated five-inch touchscreen, that also gets important extensions like HDMI-out and UWB.

The exact pricing details are not yet available but it will demand somewhere between $500 to $600 when it goes public. ASUS knows that this product will not lure in many buyers and therefore the early release is a consequence of the iPad hype which could help the EeeKeyboard sales.

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