Tablet, Digital Photo Frame and Netbook in Webbook

Posted by Stefan on January 21st, 2010 in Gadget | No Comments


Litl comes out with a new product called the Webbook which can be clearly distinguished among the cheaper netbooks available in the market. The Webbook has its use as a simple traditional computer except that it can be folded into an easy position. The Litl has announced that both its hardware and software have been designed by separate companies, which is an innovation in itself.

The Litl OS is web based and the content on the OS is arranged in the form of menus and files and are featured with big icons. In laptop mode, the widgets look more like webpages but in the easel mode, the same widgets are depicted differently.

A wheel helps in navigation in easel mode. The product also features a 12 inch touchscreen, 1GB of RAM, 2GB of SSD storage, Wi-Fi connectivity and webcam. It is also capable of creating HD videos of 720 pixels and an HDMI port facilitates in displaying the same on bigger screen. The product is very well designed, especially for the non-techies. The device further narrows down the line of distinction between an appliance and a computer. The Litl Webook can be ordered at a price of 700$.


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