TCL L32HDF11TA LCD TV review

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In the field of  consumer electronic  products TCL has set it’s own record, which in course of time has done many innovations and improvements of products varying from television sets to mobile phones and home appliances.TCL has designed a new LCD HD television,TCL L32HDF11TA is the module number of this television with  a screen dimension of 32” , which can show videos with screen resolution of 720pixels with High Definition content  as all other LCD televisions.Though, it is not fully HD.This television has 2yrs warranty.Provides incredible picture quality and also the picture clarity and reverberance provided is inexplicable.At the time of writing review TCL L32HDF11TA is available at bargain price of $299 at Amazon .

TC L L32HDF11TA television is designed in such a that it supports many formats for songs, videos and pictures few of them are MP3 and M4A or AAC for audio files,WMA for video files, JPEG,BMP and PNG for picture files.TCL L32HDF11TA television is an energy star compliant thus is an eco friendly sustainable compliant and also helps in the power conservation.TCL L32HDF11TA television is provided with multiple input and output ports namely three ports for HDMI two of them are on the back side and one on the sides of the television,one input for component video on the backside of the television , one PC video input on the backside and one PC audio input which is also on the back of the television, there is a USB version 2.0 port on the sides of the television.The HDMI ports supports HDMI version 1.3. So one can connect  their laptop or other devices to view HD movie.The brightness support of the TV is 400 cd/square mt and resolution aspect is 16:9.The great advantage about the TV is that it has a good viewing angle up to 178 degree.

There are other attractive and user friendly features in the TCL L32HDF11TA television like it has an inbuilt sleep timer,with which one can set the time after which the television will switch off itself,once that time expires.To remember the channel name easil according to one’s convenience there is an option to name the channel with three letters like TLC or NTV.

As said earlier TCL L32HDF11TA 720pixel HDTV is energy star certified according to the rules in US where energy star compliance is made mandatory for televisions.The rules are implemented by U.S Environmental Protection Agency , which defines the standards for the efficient energy usage.This television meets the requirements of Energy star 4.0 that is one less than the Energy star 5 which is the most efficient design.This protects the environment from green house effect by  using less energy and therefore less carbon di oxide emissions.

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