The HTC Mecha Turns Out To Be The Droid Incredible HD

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The world is waiting for this smartphone to get here. The HTC Mecha, otherwise known as the Droid Incredible HD, is one powerful handset. Get a closer look at the HTC Mecha here in this snappy article.

This is a smartphone that looks like the superphone Evo 4G. The 4G stands for the “fourth generation” wireless network that the Evo and the Mecha ( code name for the HTC Droid Incredible HD ) can both access. The difference is that the Evo was sold through Sprint and the Mecha will be sold on Verizon. Verizon has been building their LTE 4G networks to prepare for smartphones just like the Mecha-Incredible HD.

HTC Mecha – Image source : Android Central

Though the Mecha has not had an official release yet, the details on it are far from blurry. The screen is going to be huge, almost big enough to be called a “tablet”. It is 4.3 inches. The resolution will be good enough to put it into first place in clarity among all current smartphones, including the iPhone 4. Resolution is reported to be 800 by 1280 pixels. Expect the screen to have a proximity sensor, accelerometer and perhaps even some multi touch input, thanks to android.

Speaking of android, the operating system is running 2.2 Froyo for now. By the time the HTC Mecha reaches the market, it could be running gingerbread, version 2.3. Google has said that 2.3 will be out “in a few weeks”. Expect the same security problems as always and be careful what you download in the android marketplace. From wallpapers that send your telephone number to China, to apps that secretly download other apps to your phone, it is never a dull day with android. Android comes with a good browser, the webkit model, that has no problem showing flash files.

The camera for this smartphone is an eight megapixel model. It also comes with an extra camera on the front for video calling. Expect the Mecha to handle high definition video clips in the 1080p format. The dual flash may also be used as a video light. The Mecha comes with a kickstand to prop it up just like the Evo has. Watching videos was never so easy.

The speed on the Mecha, alias, HTC Droid Incredible HD, will be very fast. The hardware package includes a dual core 1.2 gigahertz processor. This is made by Qualcomm, the manufacturer of many of the chips for HTC handsets. There is no word yet on what RAM or ROM the Mecha will have. Look for a MicroSD card slot to help out with the storage. The dual core setup will actually save battery juice while making the smartphone run faster. This will mean more time between charges compared to the battery-guzzling Evo model.

Colors will be limited to basic black, as usual, for these HTC models. The price and release date is still a mystery, but assume it will be around the time that Verizon has their LTE system ready. The HTC Incredible HD will need it. All signs are pointing to that time being around the turn of the year. This handset should have more people standing in line overnight to get one, just like the Evo 4G did.

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