The Nokia N8 Is An Official Super Smartphone

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Taking a look at the exterior of the Nokia N8 is just a snapshot of what this smartphone holds in store. Get a closer look at the features of this super smartphone called the Nokia N8 here in this short article.

The sleekness of the N8 will get you. The camera will amaze you. When you read about it on the internet on the gadget sites, you get the feeling they are swooning as they write. It is that good. When you sit down with the N8 for the first time it would be good to get a good meal in beforehand. You will be studying it for a good while. The screen for the N8 is bright, thanks to the new AMOLED format.

The camera is a record-setting device on the Nokia N8. Many are calling it the “best camera phone ever”. The smartphone sports a superior 12 megapixel picture taker. If the pixel power was not enough, the camera is also treated to Carl Zeiss handling that further enhances the photos and the video capabilities of the N8. The N8 takes better video than an iPhone 4. Accompanying camera features include face detection, ND filter and xenon flash. The extra front facing camera can be used for video conferencing.

The Nokia N8 runs a 680 megahertz processor accompanied by 16 gigabytes of internal storage, 256 megabytes of RAM, 512 megabytes of ROM and a MicroSD card slot. The N8 does not suffer from lag when navigating the menus or other normal use. Opening up too many programs at one time will cause lag, like most smartphones.

The software being run by that processor is a new version of Symbian, the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Pay no attention to the negative news about Symbian. It is usually from those who do not realize the changes in the mobile world. Symbian is taking on a new form. The Nokia N8 is the last of the “N” series and the next Nokia flagships will be using Meego ( formerly called Maemo5 ) instead of Symbian^3. Just for a history tip, Symbian was the first mobile operating system to introduce multi tasking to the world. Look for lots of features with Symbian^3 including free turn-by-turn maps from Ovi. They are better than those from Google.

Wi-Fi is available in all flavors ( modes ) in the Nokia N8. All the other wireless connections are available except WiMaX. The N8 comes with an extra wireless feature that allows it to send audio via a FM transmitter to a radio. It is a cool feature to use while driving. No cable is needed to listen to music from the Nokia N8 while in the car. The N8 super smartphone also has a 3.5 millimeter jack for private listening.

Nokia is one of the few, if not the only, manufacturer to provide their flagship in five different colors. It can be bought in orange, green, blue, silver white and dark grey. The battery is very durable and provides an unheard of twelve and a half hours of talk time over 2G networks.

Available on mobile phone contract for $494 dollars ( €370 ) at Dial-a-phone.

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