TiVo Premiere HD Recording Woes Answered, weaKnees Offering Bigger Hard Drives

Posted by Stefan on April 15th, 2010 in Home Entertainment | No Comments

The HD UI of the TiVo Premiere has been a sheer disappointment and apparently you cannot do a thing about it. Another glitch in the company offered variant is the lack of ample space to store enough HD recorded content. TiVO premiere comes with a 320GB hard-drive which can only manage 400hrs of SD content or 45hrs of HD. weaKnees has decided to take care of this second shortcoming all by itself as it is offering some custom-made models with better memory storage options.

Where a standard TiVo Premiere will cost $299.99 with that 320GB stick, weaKnees is offering the same model for $499.99 with the added advantage of up to 2070hrs of standard definition content or 236hrs of HD through an improved hard drive.

Also, there is a $699.99 version which fetches an astounding 2777hrs of SD or 317hrs of HD. If you are still not satisfied, you can go for the $999.99 set-up that clubs the upgraded DVR unit with an external hard-drive rendering up to 5600hrs of SD or 640hrs of HD content. [Courtesy: Slashgear]

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