TomTom – New One Classic Europe 22 – GPS

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TomTom – New One Classic Europe 22 – GPS

TomTom – New One Classic Europe 22 – GPS Strengths
• New revolutionary fastening EasyPort Offer navigation solution the more mobile
• Map Share Technology
• Get updates daily maps from the TomTom community
• Maps preinstalled continuous Western Europe (22 countries)
• Latest Map Guarantee. Have a free update 30 days after your first use
• Loud and clear voice instructions
• Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years
TomTom – New One Classic Europe 22 – GPS Description

The GPS is very easy to use – just plug it in and touch the touch screen. You can quickly take the road through the user interface. Your support EasyPort folds neatly at the back of your device. The Tom Tom New One Classic full navigation package fit into your pocket, bag or box gants.Votre TomTom device is compatible with TMC receivers, which can optimize the calculation of your route according to traffic. The safety camera alerts pre-installed on your device to help you drive more safely and more responsibly.

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  1. John says

    November 19, 2010

    And now after some disappointment after delivery of competitor Amazon I finally received the long awaited GPS. The touch screen was as sensitive as the skin of a rhinoceros.

    So first thing I did with my friend TomTom is an update of the map and whew 6:30 oO but hey it’s necessary, then update the radar and map share, we download some voice, image closure and different cursor and hop a little test, I chose to Bourvil copilot and the Red Baron for the cursor. I enter the destination (the touch screen and a true marvel) calculates and asks if I want to go through areas a toll? Well no stingy to the end and off you go, from start to finish a perfect guide, no signal loss (which happened every 5 min other) warning radar operates on the perfection, and the speed control and after 45min the famous you got ^ ^.

    TomTom – New One Classic Europe 22 has the advantage also are cheap and are perfect guide to almost 100% customizable, so for you it may be nothing, but to me it means a lot.