Top 10 iPad Free Apps Available in App Store

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In case that you have an iPad here’s a quick top 10 of iPad-only apps available in the App Store. If you pay 499$ for the entry-level iPad, you should look also for more content .

1.Netflix – is my favorite app and features the ability to browse the vast Netflix catalogue and manage your queue.

2.iPDF Reader –  is a cool app will help you to work in week.

3.ABC Player – Another free television show streaming app featuring a smooth interface that allows you to find, schedule, and watch your favorite ABC shows right on your iPad over Wi-Fi.

4.Pandora Radio – I have this app on my iPhone and also I can add on my iPad.Pandora Radio is extremely popular app entirely reworked for the iPad, Pandora Radio gives you personalized radio while on-the-go via a user friendly iTunes-like interface.

5.Yahoo Entertainment – For those who love who wants yahoo on iPad, Yahoo entertainment features an interactive program guide that allows you to see the schedule for television shows, movies, or other programming in your area.

6.Twitterrific for iPad – The app features an easy to understand interface that places all of your replies, retweets, mentions, and direct messages.The free version features ads in the timeline, while the paid version removes the ads.  It’s your call.

7.AIM for iPad – AIM for iPad will not only allow you to keep in touch with your AIM buddies, but also allow you to manage all of your social network services such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and more all from the same app.

8.The Weather Channel Max – offers you weather maps, breaking video news reports, nationwide weather cams, and (of course) your local forecast.

9. Digital Photo Frame HD – With an awesome display may you need some photo frame, you might want a special application to handle all those pictures playlists.

10. iBooks – You can read ebooks, because work as an reader. We will definitely find lots of free eBooks around the iBookstore soon.

This is a first list and i`m sure that will change in time as more and more developers will throw more and more iPad apps to us, but we had to start somewhere, didn’t we?.So, what apps for iPad are you going to install ?

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