Toshiba Satellite L775-S7248 has i3-2310M

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Satellite L775-S7248
Intended only for the Costco Wholesale in United States, Toshiba Satellite L775-S7248 is a large 17.3 inch laptop powered by the Intel’s Sandy Bridge Core i3-2310M processor.The core i3-2310M is clocked at 2.10 GHz and there are two cores in this processor.

The key point that we will discuss in this Toshiba Satellite L775-S7248 is whether the $729 for this notebook is justified or not. This is the price at which you may expect to get it at Costco. Toshiba has a strategic planning whereby, it sells one particular laptop model only at one store. This prevents price competition among the computer retailers and helps keep the margin for both Toshiba as well as the computer retailers. Its Key computer retailers include Bestbuy, Fry’s, Tiger Direct among others.

A larger screen like 17.3 inches it typically $75 or so higher than the corresponding common 15.6″ model. This is one reason why you are paying $700+ price, which otherwise would have been $650 or so. You may like to notice that the laptop comes with 6 GM of memory in place of 4 GB that most notebooks come now a days. The extra memory costs at least $25. So, if you think that the large Screen and the extra memory is something that is useful for you, the notebook is competitively priced.

Getting bored with the notebook reviews – check out some interesting pics.

And even when the notebook is big, its battery life is impressive. With the 48 Watts Hour, 6 cell Lithium Ion Battery, the Satellite L775-S7248 lasts over 5 hours.

There are few things remarkable about this notebook – the HDMI output, and its moderately fast processor. This is besides other common amenities that comes with today’s notebook, including, the webcam and a microphone, the USB Ports, wifi, DVD writer. It however, does not has USB 3.0 and does not come with bluetooth.

In a nutshell, the Satellite L775-S7248 is priced less than ipad2 ( 64 GB version), even when it has a processor that is at least 4 times faster, a graphics that is at least 5 times stronger, and comes with many other features that iPad2 does not has. Its keyboards are a pleasure to type. But of course, you will have to get right anti virus software to keep it free from worms. A combination of the Spybot Search and Destroy and AVG Anti Virus.

A note about CostcoCostco – according to the wikipedia – “is the largest membership warehouse club chain in the US”. Costco is is the third largest retailer in the US, which also has branches in other part of the world and is the 9 th largest retailer in the world.

A note About Toshiba – Toshiba Corporation is originally a is a Japanese MNC (multinational corporation), which has its headquarter Japan. Toshiba is involved in the consumer products, electronic and electrical devices including electronics components LCD TV’s and laptops for common persons. Toshiba is also a leading manufacturer of Semiconductor and is among the Top 20 Semiconductor company in terms of Sale.

In terms of the Personal Computer Sales Toshiba stands just behind HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo as the fifth largest seller of the PCs and notebooks.

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