ViewSonic Revealed New LCD Monitors

Posted by Stefan on December 3rd, 2009 in Computer Monitors & Displays, High Definition | No Comments


Ready to be on the run the View Sonic has two ready LCD monitors to hit the town. These latest models are available in two configurations – namely one that is 23 inches and the other that is 26 inches. Both the LCDs are fully functional with high definition with 1080p resolution. The ergonomic functionality of the LCDs are simply awesome and the USB ports add the most perfect connectivity that can be achieved.

The best technology responsible for picture quality, color depths and picture angle is now available in the recent View Sonic LCDs. Both of the monitors possess 4 port USB hubs that provide easy connectivity with the provision for height and tilt adjustments.

The larger model comparatively offers a better performance as compared to the smaller screen. Though the wider one demands a bit more as compared to similar LCD monitors in the market, it is worthwhile to opt for the View Sonic LCD screens over others available in the market.

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