Viore LC32VH56A 32 Class LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV Review

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Viore LC32VH56A HDTV Review

LCD TV that is HDTV as well is rare to find that is on sale for an affordable price. What’s the brand name of an LCD and HDTV in 1 that can fit to anybody’s budget? Well, its name is Viore LC32VH56A 32 Class LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV.

Viore is a newcomer when it comes to electronics company producing good quality electronic products. However, with the recent availability of Viore LC32VH56A 32 Class LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV, owning such type of T.V has never been this easy.

Viore LC32VH56A HDTV Price: $300

Cool Features:

a. screen display – the screen display is about 32 ‘ diagonally

c. maximum video resolution – 720 pixels

d. horizontal and vertical viewing – viewing can be both horizontal and vertical.

f. analog tuner and built-in digital – the choice of analog or digital tuner can tune in for QAM or ATSC for digital and NTSC for analog.

g. aspect ration; brightness value – aspect ratio of about 16:9 and the brightness value is about 400 cpm squared and the response time is about 6.5 milliseconds.

h. dynamic contrast – it’s around 10,000:1 which is lesser to other competitor’s dynamic contrast ratio.

i. HDMI input ports – a total of 3 HDMI input ports are available.

j. thickness of the television – it’s about 6.5′

k. height and length – 22.1′ and 31.6′ respectively

l. speakers – this will give the user a better ear-filling experience that will surely make a total viewing experience a whole new fun.

Absence of the following features

a. It does not give away to the user a full high definition experience since it lacking the ability to have a 1080 pixel video resolution.

b. No wireless adapters Therefore, there is no chance that you can connection it and get access to Internet.

Overall verdict, this is the bombshell when it comes to having a good T.V. viewing. There is no available LCD in the market that looks as good and the price is quite affordable as Viore LC32VH56A 32 Class LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV into the market. Now, there is another product in the market that is in good competition with other LCD and HDTV being sold either online or in different shopping centers.

Is it worth the money? Definitely, it is worth every dollar spent. Apart from the cool features it has, the price is a great bargain for every T.V. fanatic out there.

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